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Company Profile & History

Sabun Industrial is engaged in dynamic business development in the global stage as a manufacturer of industrial sewing machine parts.
Its global activity is based on our original high-precision technology.
As a leading company in the sewing industry, our quality products is trusted and recognized all over the world.

Company Profile

CompanySabun Industrial Co., Ltd.
ChairmanGinjiro Sato
PresidentHitoshi Sato
Address2-1-41 Motomachi , Konan-Ku , Niigata City , Niigata 950-0143 , Japan
IncorporatedOct . 10 , 1961
Capital36.2 million yen
ProductsIndustrial sewing machine parts (shuttle hooks, rotary hooks and bobbin cases), Medical equipment,specialized machines and apparatuses.

Offices and Factories

Head Office2-1-41 Motomachi, Konan-ku, Niigata-City, Niigata 950-0143, Japan
TEL:+81-25-382-2171 FAX:+81-25-382-7352
Akebono Factory3-3-30 Akebono-cho, Konan-ku, Niigata-City, Niigata 950-0134, Japan
TEL:+81-25-381-2804 FAX:+81-25-382-5081
Kitsu Factory・Development Center5-1 Kitsu Kogyo Danchi, Konan-ku, Niigata-City, Niigata 950-0213, Japan
TEL:+81-25-385-5245 FAX:+81-25-385-5246
Osaka Office405 Samty InTELligence Build, 1-9-10 Kozu, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 542-0072, Japan
TEL:+81-6-6766-1633 FAX:+81-6-6766-1634
Sabun Precision Parts( Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd. 


1918Established a textile factory with 5 handlooms.
1932Achieved daily production of 900 rolls with 400 weaving machines. Becomes the prefecture's leading textile factory.
1943Closed due to wartime restrictions.
1945Established Sabun Works and began manufacturing bobbin cases for home use.
1957Started production of shuttle hooks for home use.
1960Established Sabun Forging Co., Ltd., to forge shuttle hooks.
1961Reorganized as Sabun lndustrial Co., Ltd.
1963Started producing rotary hook for industrial use.
1964Opened the Osaka Office.
1966Completed a shuttle hook factory.
1967Started production of special rotary hooks for industrial use.
1972Moved and reconstructed Sabun Forging Co., Ltd. Changed the company name to Sabun Brazing  Machinery Co., Ltd. Converted the manufacture of shuttle hooks to nonoxidized brazing.
1983Introduced Toyota production and implemented the "gear" (haguruma)campaign.
1991Merged with Sabun Brazing Machinery Co., Ltd., as the Akebono Factory.
2001Started ultraprecision processing at the Kitsu Development Center.
2002ISO 9001:2000 certification.
2004Established China-based affiliate Sabun Precision Parts(Zhejiang)Co., Ltd.
2005Kitsu Factory:Registration of medical device manufacturing industry.
Kitsu Factory:Third type medical device manufacturing and sales license.
2010Head Office Factory:Registration of medical device manufacturing industry.
2015Changed Type 3 Medical Device Manufacturing Sales Permission to Headquarters Factory.
2016Acquired ISO13485 certification.
Head Office Factory, Kitsu Factory medical equipment department.
2018100th Anniversary.
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TEL+81-25-382-2171(weekdays)9:00 to 17:00
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