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Environmental Protection and Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Sabun Industrial is keenly conscious of environmentally friendly manufacturing, and our entire company is involved in environmental initiatives.
The following environmental principles and policy represent both a declaration outlining the goals of our environmental initiatives and a promise to society.

Environmental Principles

 Sabun Industrial Co., Ltd. recognizes that business activities such as the manufacture, development, design, and sale of sewing machine parts are closely interconnected with the planet’s environmental problems. We will contribute to society by working to reduce our impact on the environment in all our business endeavors, while also taking on environmental problems so that we may leave behind a beautiful and fertile planet for future generations. 

Environmental Policy

Sabun Industrial Co., Ltd. will be aware of our business endeavor’s impact on the environment and strive for environmentally friendly manufacturing. Our entire company will engage in environmental preservation by setting and reexamining environmental goals to the utmost of our technological and economic means. 

Compliance with Laws and Legislation

We will observe environmental laws, ordinances, and treaties in our effort to protect the environment. 

Raising Awareness

We will conduct environmental education so that all of our employees and partner companies may understand and act in compliance with our environmental policy. 

Policy Disclosure

In addition to ensuring employee awareness, we will disclose this environmental policy to the public, displaying it openly on our website and distributing it upon request.

March 21, 2017
Sabun Industrial Co., Ltd.
President, Hitoshi Sato

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