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Contributing to Medical Care Through Craftsmanship

Sabun Industrial’s medical enterprise is primarily devoted to the manufacture and sale of medical instruments for orthopedic surgery (Class III Medical Devices).

Sabun Industrial has a long history of superior craftsmanship. As a manufacturer, we are committed to contributing to medical care and healthcare by utilizing our deep knowledge and experience to develop safe and efficient surgical instruments designed to reduce the burden of both patients and medical practitioners.

Product Manufacturing Process

To understand clinical practitioners’ needs and save clients time during the product development phase, we provide assistance for the design and development of medical devices right from the implant design stage. 

To understand clinical practitioners’ needs, we start with face-to-face meetings. We’ll travel anywhere in the country to meet in person.
02Design and Development
We design devices to match your specific needs. If technological difficulties are involved, we can suggest solutions from an engineering standpoint.
03Prototyping and Testing
We conduct preclinical testing for factors such as performance, durability, and sterilization resistance.
We oversee the manufacture of each and every part in-house. We use state of the art facilities and processing technology to ensure consistent quality.
05Quality Assurance
We conduct thorough quality assurance in accordance with ISO13485 and the Japan Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Law to ensure superior standards of product quality and safety.
06Registration for Manufacture and Sale
Per request, we are happy to conduct the necessary registration process for manufacture and sale.
07After-Sales Support
Our in-house manufacturing process allows us to respond promptly to problems and repairs. Our sincere support service is one more reason that customers can feel confident choosing Sabun Industrial.

Certifications and Licenses


Silicone Grips
  • Available in different shapes & formats
  • Custom Order Option Available
  • Biocompatibility Tested
■Torque Handles
  • Clutch release feature for preventing over-torque
  • Torque Value: 0.1Nm - 12Nm
■Ratchet Handles
  • Compact design
  • Reversible
  • Maximum Load: 5Nm
Steel Surgical Instruments
Utilizing our deep knowledge of metalworking, we provide a wide range of services, including product development support, special order manufacturing, and mass production. 

Information for healthcare professionals

The product catalog of our medical business is created for the purpose of providing information to medical personnel.
Please note that it is not intended to provide information to the general public.

Are you a healthcare professional?

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