Koban Sabun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Superior quality and technical excellence from over 60 years in the sewing industry. Trusted Craftsmanship, Internationally Tried and Proven

World-class ″Koban″

Sabun Industrial is a manufacturer of rotary hooks, shuttle hooks, and bobbin cases
- key parts that determine the work performance of sewing machines.
Our high technological standards allow us to fulfill these needs and are the reason that Sabun Industrial continues to be the trusted choice of customers throughout the world.
Outside of the sewing industry, Sabun Industrial is constantly seeking opportunities to expand into new fields.
We use our proprietary precision machining technology and integrated production system to develop new products in a broad range of areas such as the medical device, automobile, machine tool, and semiconductor industries.Company Profile


2018/05/30TopicsRENEWALThank you for visiting our website. We are pleased to announce that KOBAN now has an English website. More pages will be available in English shortly.
Acquired ISO9001 certification.(quality management system)
Acquired ISO13485 certification.(Medical devices -Quality management systems)
Head Office Factory, Kitsu Factory medical equipment department.
Class III Medical Device MAH License15B3X00017
Medical Device Manufacturer Registration
:15BZ200014(Head Office)
:15BZ006015(Kitsu Factory)
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TEL+81-25-382-2171(weekdays)9:00 to 17:00
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