Company Sabun Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address   2-1-41 Motomachi, Kameda-machi,
Nakakanbara, Niigata 950-0143, Japan
Phone.025-382-2171 FAX.025-382-7352
Founded   1918
Incorporated   Oct. 10, 1961
Representative   President Hitoshi Sato
Capital   36.2 million yen
Production   Sewing machine parts centering on
industrial shuttle and rotary hooks and bobbin cases
and specialized machines and apparatuses
1918 Established a textile factory with 5 handlooms.
1932   Achieved daily production of 900 rolls with
400 weaving machines.
Becomes the prefecture’s leading textile factory.
1943   Closed due to wartime restrictions.
1945   Established Sabun Works and began
manufacturing bobbin cases for home use.
1957   Started production of
shuttle hooks for home use.
1960   Established Sabun Forging Co., Ltd.,
to forge shuttle hooks.
1961   Reorganized as Sabun Industrial Co., Ltd.
1963   Started producing rotary hook for industrial use.
1964   Opened the Osaka Office. Exported a plant to India.
1966   Completed a shuttle hook factory.
1967   Started production of special rotary hooks for
industrial use.
1972   Moved and reconstructed Sabun Forging Co., Ltd.
Changed the company name to Sabun Brazing
Machinery Co., Ltd. Converted the manufacture
of shuttle hooks to nonoxidized brazing.
1974   Completed and opened the Sado Factory.
1983   Introduced Toyota production and implemented the “gear” (haguruma) campaign.
1985   Completed the Yasuda Factory and
began producing specialized linear bearings.
1988   Reorganized the Yasuda Factory.
Established THK Yasuda Co., Ltd., in a merger with
THK Co., Ltd. Computerized the control division.
1991   Merged with Sabun Brazing Machinery Co., Ltd.,
as the Akebono Factory.
2001   Started ultraprecision processing at
the Kizu Development Center.
Address 341-1 Shomyoji, Niibo-mura, Sado-gun,
Niigata 952-0105, Japan
Phone.0259-22-3193 FAX.0259-22-3823
Business   Cutting, polishing, and pressing using NC
and machining tools.
Address 3-3-30 Akebono-cho, Kameda-machi,
Nakakanbara-gun, Niigata 950-0134, Japan
Phone.025-381-2804 FAX.025-382-5081
Business   Machine tools such as NC, gas carbonizing,
nonoxidized copperbrazing, and barrel polishing
Address 5-1 Kitsu Kogyo Danchi, Yokogoshi city,
Nakakanbara-gun, Niigata pref. 950-0213, Japan
Phone.025-385-5245 FAX.025-385-5246
Business   NC, Machining center, CNC, and
measuring instruments
Address 405 SAMTY INTELLIGENCE BUILDING 9-10, 1-chome Kozu,
Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0072, Japan
Phone.06-6766-1633 FAX.06-6766-1634